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30.09.2009 04:24, Lt.Col Steven Parmley R-1 from Paducah Kentucky USA E-mail Homepage :
Great website guys looks great.

Live Long and Prosper

26.05.2009 15:19, Darren Robinson from Wonthaggi 3995 E-mail :
Am interested in joining, possible engineering as I am a Farm Hand with technical watering and boiler maintenance. Am wondering if I have to join starfleet at all, if so from U.S.S. Southern Cross or Starfleet Academy. Kind regards, Darren

26.09.2008 02:26, Locky from Melbourne E-mail :
Site looks good guys. I like it.

Hope all is going well for you.

11.09.2008 05:56, Antonio Lopes from Louisville, Kentucky, USA E-mail :
You guys are what every Correspondence Chapter-in-Training aspires to become like. Kudos on being an inspiration, even from half a planet away!

Tony Lopes
Commanding, USS Odin (R1)

01.07.2008 15:11, John from Calgary, Canada E-mail :
I met your SO Lisa Hup at Star Trek the experience while taking the back stage tour. I was the one wearing the TNG uniform shirt so she probably thought I was a trekie (she was right). Louise suggested I look up her ship and consider signing on. I had not heard of 'Star Fleet' on the web. Looks great. You have a great web site!

John Wright

22.05.2008 08:30, fred_daniel42 from earth Homepage :
heloo there

17.03.2008 05:05, jerry from Australia E-mail Homepage :
I would like to get in contact with other trekkies out there.Please e-mail me on


06.02.2008 01:58, CMDR Thomas.Sigmundsson from Iceland USS:THOR'SHAMMER E-mail :
I Hope to strangten ower rilasins sens we ar both out side us

07.11.2007 06:53, George from china :
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Entries: 19
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