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05.03.2016 05:35, Diane Craighead from Hickory, NC E-mail :
Hello from Hickory, North Carolina. I was invited to. check out your site by FCAPN Josephine Fisher. Thanks, Josie!
You all have a great web site!
Even though we aren't close anymore (we moved to care for my elderly parents over 3 years ago), we are still members of the USS Bonaventure, located in and around the Greensboro area. We still attend meetings there once a month.
It's always a pleasure to find out and connect with other fans of Star Trek!
Take care, and as "y'll" say....Cheers!!

03.04.2015 08:17, Kayleigh from Reykjavik E-mail Homepage :
Wow, this is a helpful web site.

Feel free to visit my blog jagody acai

06.05.2014 20:27, Jeanne McCartney from United States E-mail :
Hello! Visitor from the United States, USS Destiny, dropping by at the invitation of FCAPT Fisher. Would love to hear from chapter members interested in corresponding, primarily about Starfleet, media SF & where you live/places you've been. So tell me what's fun & exciting about your correspondence chapter?

23.09.2013 05:03, Craig Brown from Reg 4 USS Wessex E-mail :
Just dropped by after seeing link on the Acadamy site.

06.05.2013 16:30, Cmdr Scott Peter from Edinburgh, Scotland E-mail :
Greetings from an ex crew member of the Southern Cross. I briefly served the security department just before Region 20 came back to life. I am now XO of the USS Caledonia and COS to the RC. Would be great to keep in touch!

20.08.2011 04:47, Wayne McAliece from Australia E-mail :

I joined Star Trek International a little while ago and really have to say every one is really great. I was contacted by Bruce just to say hello. And he welcomed me to join this chapter. Must admit did not think being down here l would get a chance to join. I'm going to enjoy joining your chapter.

And the website is bonza .


Lyn & Wayne

16.05.2011 16:24, Kara Conner from Massachusetts, USA E-mail :
What a cool website! I love that you have the list of award winners!! Next time I "hop over the pond" I hope perhaps to meet up with some of you. And btw please don't steal our aliens. We love having our Aussies on board - even if only via newsletters & online. Yours in fun & friendship,
Lt Cmdr Kara Conner (USS Hood)

31.01.2011 00:35, J P Culpepper from Colorado Springs, CO, USA E-mail Homepage :
I'm an American Expat hoping to repatriate to Melbourne.. Would love to re-join, on an Aussie chapter of SFI, which I haven't belonged to since I was a teen in the early 1980's. Cheers, OZ!

07.06.2010 09:49, STEPHEN CARL MURPHY from TOKYO E-mail Homepage :

05.01.2010 17:43, Cmdr Chris Tolbert from Ozark, AR USA E-mail :
great web site news letter and hand book are full of ides for a starting chapter. exellent Recruiting site to. may your journey be fun and exciting

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Entries: 19
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